Divorcing is never pleasant.  If you have children, you may be done with the marriage work – but only beginning the difficult family work.

Spouses who participate in nasty prolonged custody battles are, in my opinion,  never fighting about the children.  What they are trying to settle, is the damage from their own childhoods.  This is an awareness  often unknown to the struggling spouses.  It needs to be explored.

I have never met a person, in 33 years of practice, who consciously, willingly, abuses their children – and their children’s futures.  Your relationship now, ends up in their future choice of life partners.

Think about it. This is NOT therapy.  It is conflict resolution beyond your signature on a document.  This is resolution, not agreement.

My training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and my certification as a Guardian Ad Litem   gives me a unique perspective in which to do this work,

The process is time limited – direct and outcome oriented.

If you love your children – you can find a way, with skilled and caring intervention, to stop the fighting.

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