Relationship Analysis and Evaluation

For couples experiencing ongoing conflict and confusion about the stability and future of their relationship.

Dr. Whitcup, a clinician with 40+ years experience in Marital and Sex Therapy, has developed a contemporary way to understand and redirect your intimate life.

By providing meaning and a new lens through which to understand the causes and belief systems that keep relationships stuck, this birds-eye view can be refreshing and constructive.

A relationship is an amalgam of many ingredients. Even current problems likely began many years ago. Understanding their roots and the ways they get acted out today is healing. It neutralizes so much of the blame and resentment. It can provide new resolve and direction. Intimacy is not just about SEX.

In today’s world, filled with financial worries, time limitations, family chaos, traditional therapy is often impractical and also impossible.

This, more short term, analysis, for an immediate explanation of why and how today’s sadness can be reinterpreted, is what’s needed.

  1. First couple interview
  2. One individual session with each partner
  3. Exit interview for couple with analyses and suggested remedies to address the presented issues
  4. Referral to psychotherapists, medical doctors, etc .for ongoing work, can be provided when requested
Fee: $250 for initial session. $900 for entire program.