My Best Work includes:


  • All kinds including one’s relationship with one’s self
  • High conflict couples   
  • Families at war
  • Divorcing / remarrying /marrying couples / undecided couples/ retiring couples

Child Custody Coaching

If you are in or are headed into increased back and forth negotiation with attorneys, if you are going back and forth to court, if you are experiencing frustration and increasing stress with the process, coaching can help. If you need a guide who understands the custody law and family dynamics to make sense of this very difficult conflict.

Affairs and Betrayals

  • Reworking a relationship that has lost its innocence
  • Becoming sexually engaged again
  • Learning to make the decision to stay or go

Pornography and Sexual Compulsivity

  • Working with the out-of-control spouse / overwhelmed spouse
  • Providing the necessary resources to stop risky / dangerous behaviors
  • Supporting the efforts to heal a marriage and sometimes to disengage — always focusing on the children and the wish to continue to parent.
  • Learning to reacquaint as sexual partners


  • Treating the lasting effects of childhood trauma on present day relationships
  • Treating the sexual conflicts that keep couples apart
  • Learning to remember and move on—getting unstuck

Specifically Sexual / Physical Complaints

  • Sexual pain – Vaginismus, vulvodynia
  • Providing the appropriate direction to determine what is physical and what is not; sorting thru the experiences to make meaning out of the problem
  • Understanding how the problem fits into the whole of the relationship
  • Educating and teaching the stages of marriage, the expectations for sexual intimacy relative to age and health
  • Working with gender and differences in sexual needs, focus, and priorities to develop “contracts” that work for both.
  • Learning why “blame” is not relevant

Helping Men understand Women while staying Men and vice versa.

Over these last years scientific research has confirmed that our gender similarities do NOT replace our gender differences. Men and women are truly different kinds of humans. It is hugely helpful to understand what those differences may be in your particular relationship so that change doesn’t end up with “Who am I, anyway?” We just want to be better forms of our own selves.

Helping those with very early deficits in being close with another human being to  begin learning — at any age.

It’s never too late to soften your profile or to learn to reach out.  The guidance and exploration provided by the therapeutic environment can make up for years of detachment and emotional limitations. I work with the social and intimacy difficulties in hight functioning ASPERGER individuals and couples.

Ways to Work

  • Couples Therapy
    • optional 4 session module included: first together, second and third confidential individual sessions, last session together with feedback and informed planning for further meetings. Decision to participate in the four sessions can be made after initial consultation.
  • Individual Therapy
  • Sex Addiction Recovery for Individuals and Couples
  • Child Custody Coaching, Parental Alienation, Guardian Ad Litem
  • Consultation to determine crisis management
  • Intensives: Weekend or Custom designed sessions for those with time or geographic restraints
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sex Education for the inexperienced couple

Video conferencing Available

Strictly Confidential Services