What is the Center About?

The Center is about spokes and a wheel.

I believe in the circular nature of health and reality. As I said earlier, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

You can’t look at a piece of a problem without the other relevant information.

You can’t see the forest without paying attention to the trees – but you can see the trees without noticing the forest. A big mistake.

Every problem is a piece of a larger puzzle.

If you focus on one bit of the puzzle you miss the one thousand, at least, other parts of why the puzzle is still unsolved.

The Center provides a path to a vast network of  professionals  and others who can address your specific situation, as it unfolds. These recommended resources can become a part of your “team.”

For instance: you may need a lawyer, a planned parenting program, a menopause doc, a hypnosis coach, an addictions counselor or interventionist, a children’s behavior specialist or Occupational Therapist; how about an organizer, a declutterer, a nanny, a mover, an appraiser, a family finance mediator, onanandonandon.

The Center can provide you with these  catalogs of resources.

It’s kind of like one stop shopping.  You can take advantage of this network—or not. 

These are additives to the therapeutic process that are usually more immediate and require  attention.

The Center is a product of my almost 30 years of involved, proactive, networking and professional collaborative efforts.  I am a champion of the larger community of healthcare and wellbeing.