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Hooray for Fewer Orgasms

  I try to find moments to talk to couples about NON-orgasmic sex. For all sorts of reasons, we seem to focus on and obsess about orgasms. Men want to know if they gave you one and will get depressed … Continue reading

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SEX Statistics Could Do More For Your Sex Life Than ‘Female Viagra’

  FOTOS INTERNATIONAL / GETTY IMAGES Other people’s sex lives can ruin yours: If you think you’re having less sex than your peers, it can take a toll on your relationship and your overall happiness. That’s one problem some experts … Continue reading

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I Believe in Serial Monogamy Mon, 06/15/2015 – 06:47 Submitted by Princess Ask Betty monogamy Relationships & Polyamory It’s fine to trash monogamy. Lately, so much opinion has been spread across the Internet, the TED talks, the magazines, about the … Continue reading

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