Ohio State Senator Nina Turner is stripping it down by putting pressure exactly where it hurts older modern men most – in the supply chain of Viagra.

She’s focusing attention on men’s reproductive rights by introducing a bill that would require men to meet certain government conditions before they can receive Viagra prescriptions.

Specifically, the bill would require psychological counseling to ensure that there is a legitimate medical reason for taking Viagra by forcing men to prove they have erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, the bill would require doctors to inform men, in writing, about the health risks associated with Viagra type drugs.

Senator Turner is part of a growing movement of female legislators across the country who are fighting womb control with testicle control – and a little anal mixed in. For example a bill filed by Virgina state Senator Janet Howell would require men to have a rectal exam before obtaining an ED prescription.

Personally, I love it! If ideologically obsessed men insist on regulating, humiliating, and destroying women’s self esteem through legislated womb control, then women should insist on doing the same thing to men’s self esteem and genitals.

The bottom line here: by passing bill after bill regulating women’s reproductive health, we are stripping the genitals away from the human being. The idea that we are simply protecting the lives of the unborn is obscuring the fact that we don’t believe woman have the ability or “true moral character” to make their own decisions about their bodies.

I assert that Senator Turner’s bill is attempting to bring light to this underlying legislative mistrust of women.


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