For Valentines Day and Ever After(Courtesy of Dr Joy Davidson)

  • Keep lips slightly parted, relaxed but not slack, applying soft, sweet lip caresses. No tongue for starters. Kissing is like a little drama, and it has to build slowly.
  • When you use your tongue, keep it relaxed, sensually exploring, not firing forward like a dart – at first (of course, there’s a time and a place for everything!). Don’t go for the throat or open your mouth wide, like you’re trying to swallow a face. The term “sucking face” sounds icky and feels even worse!
  • Swallow your own saliva so kisses don’t get sloppy. Great kissing can get moist, but it’s never slobbery.
  • Use your fingers and your teeth as kissing “accessories.” Touch and nip gently at her lips, or softly touch your partner’s cheek or the curve of his neck. Try holding her face in your hands and kissing her eyelids, her forehead, her throat, keeping your own eyes open.
  • Vary your kisses. Some gentle, some rough; some soft, some hard. Change up the pacing, duration, tempo, rhythm.
  • Kiss just for the sake of kissing; lose yourself in the splendor of it. Don’t even think about getting to the next base.
  • Save wild and passionate kisses for truly wild and passionate moments. Don’t charge forward with a blockbuster kiss unless it reflects the spirit within.
  • Be responsive. Kissing is a dance. Sometimes you lead, sometimes your partner does. Stay tuned in to the music and follow the beat.
  • Finally . . . practice a lot. The more you kiss, the better you’ll get.
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