This is an email I received that I pass along with great interest.  We all know that optimum health  the very best defense against aging and depression. It helps us to be our best partner to ourselves and to our  relationship — so if you are interested in this well planned “plan” follow the instructions.

Hi Joanna,

We hope this email finds you well and enjoying the transition from Summer to Fall. For many of us, the more relaxed days of summer are ebbing and our lives are filling up again with busy schedules and to-do lists. And as if the hustle and grind wasn’t enough, we’ve got cold and flu season around the corner, and do we dare say it? The holiday smackdown kickoff (Halloween) is merely six weeks away. Yikes.

You could just bury your head in the sand and think about just making it through the season in a sub-optimal, barely hanging on kind of state, tired and catching every cold and flu imaginable. You could tell yourself that you will simply set yet another New Year’s Resolution (again) come January about eating healthier and taking care of yourself.


You could sail through the holidays feeling your best, with your immune system humming right along, making healthy choices because you feel great and want to keep feeling great. Sound too good to be true? We think it is totally possible.

Here are four reasons why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time for Cleanse Organic:


Studies show that one teaspoon of sugar can reduce immune system function by 50% (and the effect can last up to 5 hours). No wonder it seems impossible to fend off colds and flus during the holidays! Giving your body a break from sugar (our cleanse is sugar-free) will have your immune system running optimally—insuring your body can fight off viruses and bacteria. In addition, the whole foods diet and probiotics supplement recommended with the program have also been shown to decrease frequency and duration of colds and flus.


The Chinese have known for centuries that changing the diet is one of the fundamental ways to enhance immunity. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Fall is lung and large intestine time. Both of these organs support detoxification via breathing, sweating, and optimal digestive function. It is easy to understand how food connects with bowel function, but how does it support the lungs? According to TCM, food is the main source of qi (life energy). When you eat, your body separates the life-enhancing food-essence from the solids in your food, and this food-essence is then sent to the lungs where it is made into qi. The more qi you have, the greater your immunity. If the body has to work extra hard to digest very little true food-essence (ie: nutrient-poor foods, processed foods, allergenic foods), less food-essence goes to the lungs, and less qi is made. Bottom line: high quality food = lots o’ qi. Cleanse Organic maximizes nutrition and ease of digestion with a hypoallergenic anti-inflammatory whole foods diet insuring your body can rebuild and maintain qi, thus optimizing immunity.


Your comprehensive Cleanse Organic program includes (4) thirty-minute phone sessions with a certified Cleanse Organic coach. IN ADDITION TO THAT, you will also have the opportunity to join Dr. Shunney and Chef Jenny LIVE on four telecalls where they will discuss the cleanse details for the week and answer your questions live on the call. This is your time to Cleanse and get the additional support from the program creators.

4. SAVE $100:

Get Cleanse Organic for $295 instead of $395! Just enter the code ‘cleansewithus’ into the shopping cart atwww.cleanseorganic.com. This offer ends September 22nd.

If you have been thinking about doing the Cleanse Organic program and have been waiting for the perfect time, suffice it to say—THIS IS IT! Think about it—a healthier leaner holiday season, extra support with Dr. Shunney and Chef Jenny, and the opportunity to save $100? Why wait for January when you can start feeling great now? Jump on this special opportunity TODAY!

To your best health!

Dr Aimée Shunney and Chef Jenny Brewer


PS—Remember, the $100 savings is only good until September 22nd, so be sure to register today! Start time for the cleanse is up to you and your coach, so purchasing by September 22nd doesn’t mean you have to start September 22nd; scheduling is completely up to you.

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