Bah Humbug!!

I hesitate to be cliché but as I thought about the holidays, I was once again reminded about how emotionally fragile we all seem  this time of the year.

So I wanted to say a few words about why that may be, and provide some tips for getting  thru the season with as little angst as possible.

Again, look back at your childhood.  What were the holidays like for you? Were they bright and shiny, filled with dazzle and presents and hohoho? Or were they burdened by disappointment and re-gifting or no- gifting to enjoy. Was your family together, separate, fighting, drinking  and sleeping it off? Did you have a social life or were you by yourself? Did you feel love, deserving of love?

All of these memories come back full force during the holidays. Either we vow to  make them better now for ourselves, and our kids, or we are resigned and blue about the impossibility of feeling joy.

This year, like last, has been even more challenging for many because of the economy, and unemployment. The struggles of today sit on top of the memories of yesterday and can become heavier and harder to manage.

My advice, DO remember those sad times, honor and respect them. Make a choice to do something different this year. By being unaware or stuffing the depressing past back down, just keeps the holiday spirit – well, dis-spiriting.

Ultimately, there comes a day when we can lay the baggage down and re-pack the suitcase. Put back in what’s good to keep and let the space be roomy and open to the air — air it out.  Re-pack when you’re ready. You’re older now, you know what you’ll need on the next trip.

Happy Holidays everybody.

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