Dr. Whitcup has been treating individuals and couples with everyday problems. Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy.

About Dr. Whitcup

I have been in Private Practice for 33 years treating individuals and couples with everyday problems. I work with depression, anxiety, grief, all kinds of relationships, marriage, divorce, etc. I specialize in troubles with intimacy, both sexual and emotional.

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Right Now A Marriage Is Healing
Right Now Someone Is Being Heard
Right Now A Divorcing Family Is Respecting Their Children’s Rights.

When looking for help with very personal problems, here are the lean facts you need to know about me:

I practice relationship enhancement. I believe that those who enjoy the benefits and satisfaction of intimacy, have to put a lot of energy into it’s development. Marriages are not complete at the altar; they only begin there. Further, ending a relationship and dividing a family is heartbreaking. It’s always a better choice to identify a problem and have the curiosity and strength to work it out – to grow.

I do this work; I help support it and facilitate it. A robust relationship does not exist without energy, commitment and respect. That’s my view. And by the way, those are the same qualities necessary for a good divorce. Both challenges are worth the expense and the process.

In the long perspective, therapy is the best way I know to “grow yourself up.” It’s a way to bring unconscious belief systems to consciousness so that choices we make come from an “adult” brain rather than a child’s. We all learn so much as kids by example, by noticing, by direct instruction from caregivers, school, church, etc. As youngsters we mostly accept these teachings and react to them – positively or negatively. The idea is to respond to life rather than react, to be able to evaluate a situation with purpose and objectivity. It is only then that the choices we make become manageable. It is the only way that mistakes can be corrected and life can be truly satisfying. It is the only way to be in control of yourself.

For me, that is the real meaning of maturity. We are no longer ruled by unexamined values and principles of the past nor are we living someone else’s reality.

I have 40 Years experience practicing Marriage and Sex Therapy, working with individuals and couples.

Please email: drwhitcup@gmail.com

Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Payment is required at time of session—check or cash—Insurance forms will be provided for those wishing to file.

Video conference available.

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